Bad Boys for Life (2020)
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The main characters of the film Mike Laurie and Marcus Burnett, two inseparable comrades in arms, are now forced to work individually. Bad Boys for Life 2020 Torrent HD Marcus decided to retire, but not too much. Now he is a private detective, but continues to stand guard over order. Things are the most ordinary and calm, no danger. Only a table and reports. Life seemed to suit Marcus. He is a good husband and father. However, sometimes he recalls the past days when adrenaline was boiling in his blood, and of course, he missed the old days.

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And Mike is still a cop. He is no longer the untidy Casanova as he was before, but nevertheless did not miss the chance to lash out at the beautiful girls. Increasingly, Mike thought about getting married, which was completely unlike him. Mike had a new partner, but relations with him went wrong. The newcomer was too ambitious, and did not want to recognize the authority of Mike Lori, and Mike considered himself one of the best cops. But it was not so bad. In the distant past, brave guys inflicted irreparable damage on Albanian terrorists, and now their colleagues wanted reckoning.

Two good friends decide to join forces to confront the enemies, managing to solve their problems in turn. Will the world's best partners cope with the new threat?

Burnett and Lowry for a long time were partners, worked in the Miami police. They acted in concert in a team, although they differed in character. One was a wealthy womanizer, and the second was an exemplary family man. Together, they completed many difficult missions, fought against drug trafficking and international bandits. There was a big quarrel between the bad guys, which led to a breakdown. Burnett resigned from law enforcement, changed his place of residence.

Bad Boys for Life 2020 Torrent Download But it is necessary to support a family, so he took up private detective work. Lowry finally decided to take up his mind, find a companion. At work, things are not as smooth as they wanted. Suddenly, former friends begin to pursue. It turned out that the Albanian bandit wants to avenge the death of his brother. He is armed and very dangerous. For a long time he was preparing for revenge, followed the trail of the main characters. Now they have to unite again, forget about hostility. At stake is not only their own lives, but also the well-being of loved ones. How will events develop in a dynamic story? There are many difficulties ahead, fights and shootings.

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