Deadpool 2 (2018)
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Deadpool 2 2019 Torrent HD The long-awaited continuation of the story of the immortal mercenary - Wade Wilson, nicknamed Deadpool. A former special forces soldier became virtually indestructible after being empowered with superpower during experimental cancer treatment. But along with this, the guy made enemies, and also completely lost his human appearance. In the first part, the main character managed to survive in a fight with the villain Ajax, who sold Wade-like supernormal people into slavery.

Deadpool 2 2019 Torrent Download In the second part, Deadpool will have to fight with Cable, a mutant that came from the future, in order to destroy humanity. Cable does not have a left hand; instead, a metal prosthesis flaunts. Having gathered a small team of professional killers, Wade Wilson enters the fray with an intruder. Fierce battles, bloody adventures, seasoned with sharp humor, as well as a chatty killer - Deadpool's explosive mixture.

The one and only chatty mercenary - back! Even bigger, more destructive and even more naked than before! When a super-soldier breaks into his life with a murderous mission, Deadpool is forced to think about friendship, family and what it really means to be a hero, simultaneously tearing 50 shades of asses. Because sometimes you have to use dirty tricks to do good things.

Deadpool was in the past a professional mercenary who performed various dangerous missions around the world. But then the man fell ill with a deadly disease, so he did not have to live long. And then the protagonist was invited to take part in one dangerous experiment, which would not only cure the disease, but also give new abilities and skills. As a result, Wade Wilson received accelerated regeneration, increased stamina and strength, but his face was disfigured. But this is not the only problem, because along with the guy’s face, the brains also suffered. An absurd and black sense of humor appeared.

Now Deadpool takes revenge on enemies, takes revenge on those people who have done this to him. He reunited with his lover - Vanessa. In the second part, viewers will also see Cable, another professional mercenary with various unique skills. It is possible that the heroes will be enemies or allies, who united in the face of a greater threat. The cable can travel in time, which makes it a dangerous and unpredictable opponent. His character is much the opposite of Deadpool, so the story will be interesting and exciting.

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