Guns Akimbo (2019)
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The film is about a young man named Miles. He, like many, goes to work that he hates. With difficulty, the hero survives until the evening when you can escape from the hated business, but then he does not feel any better, since he switches to thoughts about the ex-girlfriend. Her name is Nova, and the main character is very homesick about her. It seems that this nightmare will never end, but once in the life of Miles there is a sharp turn, however, not for the better. In the city where he lives, there is an organization, but rather a gang that organizes clandestine battles of “gladiators”. Millions of people watch them on the Internet, and fighters should not fight for life, but for death.

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Guns Akimbo 2019 Torrent So it turns out that Miles also becomes one of the fighters. On the one hand, for him it is an opportunity to escape from obsessive thoughts, and on the other, now he needs to protect his life, and there is no guarantee that it will succeed. The hero escapes from his first adversary by some miracle, but the situation is further complicated by the fact that it turns out that Nova was kidnapped, so her life is now in danger too. Miles will have to face his biggest fears and join the battle to save not only himself, but also his beloved.

The protagonist of this fascinating and dynamic motion picture is a young guy with a charming and attractive appearance. His name is Miles, and he is a video game developer and has a very boring and peculiar character. Once he has to become a participant in an underground competition. He must play illegal games and everything that happens will be recorded by the camera, and broadcast live on the Internet to numerous users. The guy literally hates his boring work, because he is constantly in the four walls in the office and does not see the world at all.

Guns Akimbo 2019 torrent movie online for free in good quality. He often recalls his ex-girlfriend Nova and dreams that they will again become a couple. A measured and calm life comes to an end when the boy is recorded as a participant in peculiar gladiatorial battles. So that he agreed without hesitation, influential people abduct his beloved girl and begin to blackmail him. They made it clear that they would not fail and in the event of it, an innocent person would suffer. The rival of the unfortunate Miles in a fierce competition will be the merciless and strong champion of the games - Knicks, always triumphing at all costs.

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