Spies in Disguise (2019)
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The main character of the cartoon Lance Sterling is the best secret agent in the world, standing guard over peace and security of people. He has endless charm, wears a black tuxedo, loves chic. Who else in the world, besides the magnificent Lance, will cope with the most difficult tasks? Only him! Super Spy! Spies in Disguise 2019 Torrent Lance devotes a lot of time to perfecting his body. He is sociable and successful. Walter Beckett is the exact opposite of Stirling. Classic nerd: reserved, indecisive, strange. But at the same time, the sociopath Walter is endowed with an extraordinary mind. The guy is developing unique gadgets that the super-spy uses in his missions.

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Once a mortal threat loomed over all of humanity, and Sterling set to work. The agent needs to save the world, remaining completely invisible to the villains. Walter, with the help of his invention, turns Lance into a bird - an ordinary urban inconspicuous dove. According to the genius, pigeons are everywhere, they practically do not differ from each other. However, the perfect camouflage did not please the cool Lance. Such a “pigeon” reincarnation contradicts the very nature of a brilliant secret agent. Heroes - a little crazy nerd and a cool spy - need to become one friendly team to successfully complete the task and save the world.

Super Agent Lens Sterling has no equal in the investigation of complicated cases. He easily makes his way unnoticed to the most secret objects, hits the target from any weapon, the most attractive ladies are hung on his neck. The success of the hero is largely due to the use of various technical devices made by the ingenious inventor Walter.

But numerous villains improve their skills. And tracking them is getting harder. To complete the next, most difficult task, Walter decides that his spy friend should temporarily change his appearance. And, thanks to the new device, it turns Lance into an ordinary dove. These birds are thousands, the townspeople do not pay any attention to them. And what else does an agent need in order to be unobstructed and without danger to be able to observe the desired object?

Spies in Disguise 2019 Torrent There is only one inconsistency: no one asked Sterling’s consent for a wonderful transformation, and it will not be easy to restore the original appearance. The scientist has not yet worked out this mechanism very well. So incredible adventures are guaranteed to the special agent, and the city is a bird's eye view, so the enemies can’t hide.

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