The Aeronauts (2019)
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The Aeronauts 2019 Torrent HD The biographical story tells an amazing story, where the main characters are two young courageous people, and they lived in the nineteenth century. James Reiser and Amelia Wren are pilots, and they controlled a thermal aircraft. The guys conquered the space of air, intended to fly the greatest distance that succumbed to people. This would make them famous all over the world, and men would be world athletes. The heroes wanted to overcome several hundred kilometers, and everyone around them considered them crazy for this desire, but this did not stop the pilots, and soon they had to turn into legends.


Men rose to great heights, and great difficulties came to meet them, because it was practically impossible to breathe there, and the devices that should help breathe during dangerous flights were simply not invented at that time. Despite the difficulties that they met in the way of the children, they were able to carry out their plan, although few believed that success was possible. Thanks to the excellent preparation, incredible skill and great experience, the heroes were able to fulfill their own dream. But they still have to return home to tell everyone about their adventures. These personalities became truly famous, because they were not afraid to believe in themselves, to win and take risks.

The Aeronauts 2019 Torrent Download The events of the picture take place in unforgettable times, when the world changed right before our eyes. In 1862, it seemed that next would be all the most interesting and cool. New inventions constantly appeared that made human life better. These new items hit the minds of their time, because sometimes everyone literally gasped from another scandalous invention. In the center of the story is a rich woman who has a very unusual hobby.

She loves managing balloons, and she finds this an ideal activity for herself. At the same time, the protagonist is a researcher and meteorologist. He achieved some height in his career, but it seems to him that a little more, and he will make a breakthrough. Fate herself wrote a meeting for them.

They will fly up to the sky! Two people are waiting for a “high” adventure on a balloon. And ahead of the heroes awaits an incredible balloon ride. Perhaps they will prove by their own example that the edge of the world still exists and can even be seen. Through terrible storms and thunderstorms, they will fly towards fate and unexplored discoveries waiting ahead.

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