Underwater (2020)
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The fantastic American film "Underwater" talks about exploring the uncharted depths of the sea, where no one has yet penetrated. What is the flora and fauna of the oceanic deep-sea basin, and what is going on there? The oceanologists must find comprehensive answers to these questions. A modern underwater laboratory equipped with the latest equipment is equipped for this. Here for the first time was a young girl who had long dreamed of this expedition.

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Arriving at the place of deployment, the leadership of the scientific mission equips a small team of seven people, which are lowered in the bathyscaphe to a given point. Their task is to drill a well and take soil samples. But after a few minutes an unexplained explosion occurs, and the apparatus receives multiple cracks. Urgent evacuation needed! Durable wetsuits and scuba gear will help you get to the main base. But in a gloomy and lifeless body of water, a terrible and deadly creature lies in wait for brave men.

Underwater 2020 Torrent Download Nora dreamed of research activities, and at the earliest opportunity she signed up for a team of volunteers who would be sent to the water column of the ocean. The girl managed to become a member of the team of the underwater laboratory, and soon they were immersed in a special bathyscaphe to a depth of thirteen kilometers. Underwater 2020 Torrent HD They had to make several experiments, observe changes in the underwater nature, and study the local inhabitants. For a clear understanding of what is happening around the picture, they drilled a hole at the bottom, not knowing what consequences it would turn out for them.

The employees were engaged in familiar affairs when a terrible accident occurred, several compartments broke down, letting sea water into the vessel. Hiding in the surviving department, the workers began to look for any options for salvation, and only special suits could help them in this. To contact the scientific station, they have to get to the surface, having a limited supply of oxygen, the devices are broken and they will not be able to see the oxygen index, which means they will have to act quickly. Having got out of the shelter, they tried to establish a route when an unknown creature attacked the team, kidnapping two of them.

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