Venom (2018)
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Venom 2018 Torrent Download In the life of every person, a dark streak sometimes occurs, and sometimes a series of troubles turns out to be so significant that it completely changes the fate of the hero. It happened with Eddie Brock - a talented and ambitious journalist. The measured pace of existence was interrupted by a chain of failures - the doctors announced a terrible oncological diagnosis to the man, followed by a sudden dismissal from his favorite work, which the hero considered a true calling (by the way, he confidently calls Spider-Man guilty of the incident), and the painful break with the girl became the last straw.

A string of negative events reflected so much on Brock that he even thought about how to take his own life. But, as often happens, fate gave the desperate Eddie a unique opportunity to change what is happening. The powerful energy of anger attracts the mysterious alien mind, the so-called symbiote, which easily relieves the main character of the tumor and merges with his body. As a result of amazing symbiosis, a new creature is born - Venom, possessing a mass of various superpowers and cherishing the dream of taking revenge on the sworn enemy who has crushed his ambitions.

Venom has always been a sworn enemy and rival of Spider-Man. This was not surprising, because Eddie Brock considered the superhero to blame for all his troubles. Eddie was a regular journalist, but after a scandal he lost his job. Problems at work, a crisis in his personal life and other difficulties led to prolonged depression and constant aggression. As a result, Eddie merged with a symbiote - an alien parasite, which endowed him with incredible powers. Eddie becomes a supervillain nicknamed Venom.

Venom 2018 Torrent HD He has the same abilities as Spider-Man, but has dark plans and big ambitions, which makes them constantly compete and fight. But now Venom has become an antihero, he partially switched to the bright side, although he did not get rid of the darkness inside himself. The protagonist may break the law, but for the sake of the triumph of justice. In the new film, Venom and Spider-Man make a temporary alliance, and the protagonist fights with a team of dangerous mercenaries. Mercenaries are preparing to implement a cruel and dangerous plan, many people may suffer. In addition, antagonists have personal accounts with Venom, so that war is coming.

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