Abominable (2019)
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Abominable 2019 Torrent HD The main character, named Lu, is an ordinary girl of school age. Once, together with her loser friends, walking around the largest city located on the territory of China - Shanghai, she finds a small snowman. Having decided that the creature has fought off a pack of relatives, the girl decides to take it with her. The creature seems very nice, and they soon decide to withdraw it from the noisy metropolis, returning it to their native lands. Thinking that he probably, as described in encyclopedias and ancient legends lives somewhere in the north, presumably on the highest Mount Everest, they go there.


The guys have to make a difficult and long journey to guide the animal across the continent and deliver it to their native lands. They have to stock up on patience and warm clothes. And it soon turns out that the monster was caught by scientists from China and brought for special research. But at one point the animal fled and got lost in the streets of an unknown town. But the brilliant doctors have already sent a whole detachment in order to find the fugitive. Now the whole team is being pursued by scientists from a secret laboratory. A new friend is not as simple as it seems. He can do amazing miracles.

Abominable 2019 torrent download is an excellent adventure story that will appeal to the public from the very first minutes. Friendly and brave buddies live in one huge metropolis - still quite kids. They play cheerfully, spend time, rejoicing and laughing, as, in fact, befell children of their age. Once they meet on their way some strange little animal that does not resemble either a dog or a cute fluffy cat. As a result, they learn that this is a rare and unique creature, born far in the mountains.

And his relatives are snowy people who hide from the eyes of ordinary citizens. This cutie was lost, he needs to return home as soon as possible, he is still very small and needs the care of his relatives, that is, Bigfoot. He alone will not be able to find a way to the tops of the mountains, where his house and native territory are located. Then responsive children decide that they can’t leave the poor thing in such a difficult situation. And they are preparing for a campaign, the purpose of which will be the return of the animal to its own. Of course, they still do not realize that such a trip will necessarily result in considerable difficulties and problems. But even if our characters knew about it, they still would not have left the foundling and would have helped him. So, their general mountain voyage begins, and it will be full of truly incredible events.

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