Good Boys (2019)
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The comedy film Good Boys 2019 torrent download introduces us to a twelve-year-old guy named Max. For the first time in his life he was invited to a party. And this is very worrying about Max. But most of all, he is stressed by the fact that this party is dedicated to kisses. He never kissed in his life and does not know how to do it. Because of this, Max falls into a panic.

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Trying to solve this problem, the main character teams up with his friends. In an attempt to follow the directions found, Max and his best friends, Lucas and Thor, decide to use Max's drone, which they are forbidden to even approach. Thanks to this device, they are going to begin surveillance of a teenage couple of lovers. But from the very beginning, things are not going as they planned. And soon the drone is completely destroyed. And now they immediately have several unresolved problems. Trying to figure it out, the guys again plunge into new difficulties. It seems that today all circumstances are against them. Will they be able to succeed in anything?

The action of the plot of a funny and sparkling comedy full of humor takes place in a small town in sunny California. Three twelve-year-old boys will learn about the upcoming cool party dedicated to kisses. To receive an invitation and prove that they are old enough to participate in such events, Max, Lucas and Zora need to make some efforts. The main problem is that none of them kissed before, and in order to learn, they decide to spy on how a neighbor does it. When their plan ends in failure, friends send a drone equipped with a video camera to fly around the area and soon get dirt on two pretty girls having fun near the pool in a chic mansion.

Good Boys 2019 Torrent HD From this moment, their unforgettable, exciting and dizzying adventures begin, during which sixth graders will have to face a robbery, a gang of drug dealers and become involuntary hostages of various unpleasant and critical situations. To avoid the consequences of their crazy walk and deserved punishment, the heroes need to have time to cover up their tracks, as well as repair the broken unmanned aerial vehicle before the parents return.

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