Klaus (2019)
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Klaus 2019 Torrent Download Incredible stories still happen. The main thing is to believe in goodness and never give up. At first glance it may seem that this world is completely lost in the dullness and despondency of ordinary everyday life. But this is not true, because sometimes there are good moments that are remembered by people forever. The protagonist of the story is a young postman. All he wants is to work calmly in his profession. Once, he gets a chance to prove himself one hundred percent. Residents of even the most remote corner of the world have the right to receive letters and postcards by mail.


Klaus 2019 Torrent HD For this, the protagonist responds to the vacancy of a postman in an abandoned place. A small village located on the edge of the world always seems to be covered with snow. Here people have a very inhospitable disposition, but the hero is not going to be sad because of this. Ahead of the young postman are days filled with adventure and incredible events.

The plot is built around the life of an arrogant and spoiled guy. A father, wanting to teach a lesson to his son, he sends him to serve in a post office in a distant village that no one needs. And at first you might think that this is a typical story of how 'bad' becomes 'good', but this is only at first glance. The main character here acts as a connecting link in the general history of the village, which is filled with residents with their problems and conflicts, and the cartoon itself as a whole is more about magic that we ourselves create or, more precisely, we could create. Therefore, Klaus is pleasant to watch - there is no hiding here that there is no magic at all, and therefore it is nice to realize that everything is possible in real life.

Netflix created a beautiful cartoon that managed to touch me to the core. Love is felt in it, and I literally saw how the authors approached the creation of this creation with a soul. This can be seen in the way they showed the story of the hero Klaus. Yes, the story itself does not have enough stars from the sky and the ending can be predicted, but the creators were able to create their own backstory of that same Santa Claus and make it so cute and wonderful that a tear will roll from your eyes by itself. I don’t remember that a simple story would touch me as much as this.

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