Like a Boss (2020)
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Mia Carter and Mel Page are long-time girlfriends whose relationship has already passed the lengthy test of time. But a new test arises - a joint venture that they planned to open from scratch. Girls create a cosmetics company, the name of which they make up from their own names: "Mia & Mel". Things are going quite well: sales are pleasing, and profits are growing. Beauties live for pleasure, enjoying the status of a business woman. They spend the money they earn on pleasant purchases and fashionable outfits, and completely forget to monitor the state of their accounts. They are not even embarrassed that their business is mired in debt worth nearly half a million dollars.

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Like a Boss 2020 Torrent Once they get a lucky ticket, one of the industry’s most famous business women, Claire Luna, wants to invest in their company one and a half million dollars. Of course, the girls will be happy if someone solves their financial difficulties. But Claire does not do charity work, in exchange for significant investment, she wants to become the sole owner. Mia and Mel are not happy with such a turn of events, they have spent too much time and energy on their beloved offspring and are not ready to give it to some rich man. A stubborn struggle begins, during which for two friends all means are good.

Faithful girlfriends Mia and Mel used to live at their pleasure. For many years they have been managing their cosmetics company, which they themselves have opened and founded. At first it was hard to find potential customers, but a little later, people themselves began to reach for them. But over the years, their business becomes uninteresting to anyone, even the heroines themselves began to devote less time to their work.

Like a Boss 2020 Torrent So they get into debt and are now on the path to bankruptcy. But near there is a new perspective. They are offered to buy out a company of competitors, which at that time threatens the friendship of the heroines. Attractive offer like both ladies. They are sure that soon they will be able to solve the only question.

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