Alex Rider Season 1
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Alex Rider, a fifteen-year-old orphan teenager, seemed to be the most ordinary boy who lives in school, walks with friends. This was the only guardian - my uncle Ian Rider. Now the guy’s life will not be the same. It turned out that he was not just a businessman, but a top-secret spy agent. Nevertheless, he had to learn his beloved nephew when he had the wisdom of espionage: foreign languages, swimming in extreme conditions, the art of combat, as well as mountain climbing.

Alex Rider Season 1 Torrent Download From that moment, Alex's life begins to change dramatically. This person cannot be abandoned. Now I have the difficult task of saving the world. Alex is simply obliged to remember everything that he needed, and to continue work. Everything for special tasks. All these people simply may not be able to differ from ordinary household items and toys. Now it all depends on young special agents.

Alex Rider is a typical cheerful British teenager who recently crossed the sixteen-year milestone. The main character is endowed with incredible amazing leadership qualities, which allows the key character to enjoy huge and unpredictable popularity among other students. However, there is a little trouble and a problem, since the young man literally does not know his pedigree.

Alex Rider Season 1 Torrent HD The fact is that the courageous daredevil is brought up in a foster family, which almost never wants to tell the boy about real parents. One fine sunny day, a dangerous, dubious event occurs, as a result of which a frightened student is kidnapped by unidentified insidious attackers. After a while, the handsome man finds himself in a dark gloomy basement, where an evil, inflated man reports that once uncle Alex was considered one of the most successful spies and scouts working for the secret government organization MI-6. From now on, the actor needs to carefully and carefully train to take an empty place in the mysterious community. Rider does not realize that the poor fellow will have to face many dangerous criminals.

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