Batwoman Season 1
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Batwoman Season 1 Torrent HD Living in a city where Batman always kept order, a pretty young lady did not worry about anything, she continued to serve in law enforcement agencies, and strove to develop a relationship with her beloved soulmate. But once there was a mistake, the heroine was forced to leave work, this influenced the separation from her beloved person. Later it turned out that Batman disappeared, being in his many searches, law enforcement officers discovered the body of a man. Now the city is in great danger. All the villains arrived here to continue their direct activity, they are no longer threatened by the power of a superhero, he is absent from this territory.

Episodes: 1-20 of 20 full added 20 episodes

Release Year: 2019
Country: USA
Genre: Fiction, Action, Drama, Crime, Adventure
Duration: ~ 00:43:00

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The former police officer is the cousin of the deceased, she intends to take revenge on many villains who decided that they have the right to upset the peace of civilians. But soon the demons in her head contributed to the revival of the murder of her lover. After that, the heroine could not be stopped. She goes to headquarters, where he used to be a superhero. Having met with his assistant, she demands to open the store, it has not been printed since the disappearance of the man. Having made his way inside, the young lady puts on his costume, gets all the necessary abilities and skills. Now she becomes Batumen, will fight for justice, and also destroy all personal enemies.

Batwoman Season 1 Torrent Download In the center of an exciting and fascinating plot is an unusual character - an incredibly daring and attractive woman named Katie Kane, whose idol is Batman, and part-time her cousin Bruce Wayne. The main character has a rather difficult fate: a person has Jewish roots and non-traditional sexual orientation (prefers men to men). As a result of the circumstances, the daughter of the owner of the security organization is expelled from the army with shame.

After a long absence, she again comes to her native Gotham, who is deprived of Batman's protection. Three years ago, the Dark Knight disappeared without a trace. The fearless person is well aware that the city urgently needs a new savior, able to correct the existing difficult situation. At first glance, it seems that there is no person who could stop the riots in the metropolis. Time passes and the heroine wants to benefit people, but is forced to struggle with her own difficulties and internal demons, which hinder her potential. Later, with the help of the genius Luke Fox, she begins to protect innocent people and becomes Batwomen.

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