Blindspot Season 5
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A young and attractive girl, after being on a long trip, regains consciousness and realizes that she is in the very heart of New York, surrounded by special forces. She absolutely cannot remember the last events of her own life. How it turned out on the street, why her body is completely covered with freshly tattooed tattoos, and what exactly they can mean - all this for numerous representatives of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, who have taken up a strange case, remains a key mystery. Special agent Kurt Weller is connected to the investigation after they saw his name on the girl’s back.

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Actors: Sullivan Stapleton , Jaimie Alexander , Rob Brown , Audrey Esparza...
Languages: English
Country: USA
Directed by:
Genres: Action , Crime , Drama , Mystery , Thriller
Year: 2015
Runtime: 42

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Format: AVI
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Subtitles: English

Blindspot Season 5 Torrent Download The arrived man is conducting an interrogation, and cannot give an intelligible answer, like the main character herself, who, among other things, does not remember her name and does not appear in the country's database. The young lady is frightened and wants to help in revealing this secret. As it turns out much later, the drawing on the body means a clear plan of the following crimes, which, according to the plan of the mysterious villain, must be prevented. The lady along the way begins to demonstrate incredible opportunities - to speak different languages ​​and successfully apply hand-to-hand combat techniques.

Blindspot Season 5 Torrent HD Once, right in the center of Times Square, a lively young girl was discovered in a large canvas bag, her body was almost completely covered with a variety of tattoos. She suffered from medical amnesia and did not even remember her own name, so she was given the name that is usually given to the “losses”: Jane Doe. One of the tattoos was the name of the FBI special agent Kurt Weller, but he first saw this girl and did not know why his name was tattooed on her body. However, he joined the investigation.

It turned out that tattoos are to some extent a roadmap, following which you can conduct a whole investigation and, perhaps, even find out the girl’s real name and how she ended up in Times Square. For example, the very first address indicated in the tattoo with hieroglyphs led the investigation to a certain terrorist and revived the first vague memory in Jane's memory.

Now Kurt Weller continues to follow the trail: already managed to find out the real name of the girl - Ellis Krueger, the fact that she was raised for the role of super-soldier, as well as many other facts. But there are still many mysteries that entail new dangers. Kurt, who officially became the husband of Ellis some time ago, selflessly protects her from any troubles.

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