DuckTales Season 3
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The amazing dizzying adventures of the legendary successful entrepreneur Scrooge McDuck continue. A few years ago, the protagonist incredibly coped with his many life barriers and trials, along with his grand-grand nephews Huey, Dewey and Louis. However, a close-knit friendly team failed in the next assignment, and soon the cheerful, cheerful children had a great fight, and stopped communicating for ten long years.

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Release Year: 2020
Genre: Animated Series, Comedy, Adventure, Family
Issued: USA
Duration: 2 x ~ 00:22:00

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DuckTales Season 3 Torrent Mirror The temperamental power relative Donald Duck was also offended by the greedy tycoon, who, in addition to money and material resources, did not see the rest of the surrounding funny world. Accidental accident cardinally changes the usual established rules and laws. Common grief united key figures in a new team. From now on, the central figures are again forced to face the real evil that wants to seize power in the territory of the powerful democratic state of the United States of America. Now Mrs. Bickley and her charming growing granddaughter named Webby, who always dreamed of becoming an integral part of the professionals, are also joining the company.

DuckTales Season 3 Torrent Watch In the center of the plot of the cartoon Duck Tales is the billionaire and owner of the bank, Scrooge McDuck. For him, the only thing in the morning is counting his savings, and taking a “golden bath”. Scrooge loves only his money, and for every cent he’s ready to fight and not give it to anyone. Leading a lonely lifestyle, he once receives a notification from his brother that his nephews will come to him for the summer. He cannot refuse, because Scrooge agrees to sit with the guys. After all, the main character thinks that they are educated and will be able to find a job or occupation for themselves.

But as soon as the nephews arrive, they immediately fall into unusual adventures. And Uncle Scrooge has to spend his time and money to help them get through various difficulties or save them from thieves and robbers. Each series is an unusual story. Nephews have to show their skills and character in order to keep everything under control.

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