Gangs of London Season 1
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Events take place in the UK. At present, a real war has erupted between international gangs. Criminal gangs fought daily for existence, used various methods, and selected areas from existing competitors. All this was taking place mundane, and the local population hardly bothered. But suddenly, in the next team, it turns out that their leader was killed. The man was attacked when he was about to go to his mansion. Witnesses and witnesses were absent, and his successor now will not be able to calm down until he finds a true enemy.

Episodes: 1-9 of 9 full added 9 episodes

Title: Gangs of London (TV Series 2020)
Actors: Joe Cole , Michelle Fairley , Asif Raza Mir , Lucian Msamati , Ray Panthaki , Brian Vernel...
Languages: English
Country: UK
Directed by:
Genres: Action , Crime , Drama
Year: 2020


Gangs of London Season 1 Torrent Watch The British will have to be horrified by the events they saw, the main character wants to enlist the support of everyone who wants retribution and justice. Law enforcement agencies are not going to delve into these showdowns. They are well aware that to do almost nothing is impossible. They cover the killer, and do not want to get involved in this war. The character intends to destroy the opponents, and if he has to get even with the existing gangs, then they will not stop at the goals achieved. As long as the enemy is alive and the death of his boss is not justified, he will not be able to sleep peacefully in this country.

Gangs of London Season 1 Torrent Mirror The focus is on major cities in the UK. Including was London. Many gang groups decided to expand their activities, and did not worry that they could be sent to jail. Law enforcement agencies became corrupt, for any action they could take a certain amount of savings, and release the attacker. In a similar way, bandits continued to exist, they divided the areas of the large metropolis, and subordinated them to their power. But once there was a coup, the leader of the main group was destroyed in it.

The whole city found out about his death, they arrived at the funeral of a man. Many said they knew and guessed who the killer was, but unfortunately it was not possible to prove this. The main character, who is a young guy, was often called the successor to the murdered. He is not going to turn a blind eye to the malicious actions of competitors, and wants to find opponents and destroy them with his own hands. The war begins on the streets of London, it is almost impossible to survive in it. He wants to find a villain who managed to raise his hand against the leader and mentor. Until this idea is completed, civilians have no peace.

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