Harley Quinn Season 2
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Harley Quinn Season 2 Torrent The war in Gotham turned the leaders of bandits into the legends of the criminal world. Not only the Joker was able to get his share of fame, but also his sexual assistant. Together they occupied the main field in the metropolis, and they did incredible reprisals. No one imagined how dangerous individuals, not having the goal of getting rich, were able to lead organized crime. Many consider these masquerade clowns to be minions, such as Moroni’s chain dogs. This upset Harley Quinn, because of which she began to commit atrocities and terrorize people. Over the season, she turned into a dangerous criminal element. To stop the angry woman, Batman advances. He has experience working with such crazy people; half of the patients of the local Arkham are captives of the Dark Knight, lovers of violence and other thrills.

Episodes: 1-9 of 13 (save page) added 9 episodes

Release Year: 2020
Country: USA
Genre: Action, Comedy, Adventure, Fantasy, Crime
Duration of the series: 00:22:55

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Suddenly, he announces that he is ready to work together with her. This news has turned the protector of the metropolis into a huge and incredible enemy. Units understood that to control mentally unbalanced people it was important to be as close to the circle of trust as possible, and if possible to enter this list. And in the image of a mischievous girl, he sees a small trigger in the heart of the networks of banditry.

Harley Quinn Season 2 Torrent Having parted with his lover and barely escaping another clash with Batman, Harley Quinn is on the other side. Together with their new friend Pamela, namely Poison Ivy, they find themselves with Batman on the same side. Freed from imprisonment, the girl joins the Legion of Fate. Initially, she wanted to take revenge on Batman for what happened to them. She even prepares an escape for her lover. But in her head there is a real revolution. Together with her friends, the heroine refuses her decision and takes a completely different move, she remembered the words of Batman.

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