Kingdom Season 2
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Kingdom Season 2 Torrent The Joseon Dynasty will face incredible challenges. The heroes of the detective drama are forced to make lightning decisions that will help to save the life and health of subjects. China is becoming the territory of the spread of a terrible disease. Everyone who gets sick dies. This is not all the bad news. After some time, the deceased are resurrected and turn into zombies. Even the ruler is among the walking dead. This leads to the transfer of power to a young heir who has absolutely no experience in solving complex issues.

Episodes: 1-6 of 6 full added 6 episodes

Release Year: 2020
Country: South Korea, USA
Genre: Horror, Action, Thriller, Detective
Duration: ~ 00:53:00

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Subtitles: Russian, English, Korean

Kingdom Season 2 Torrent The young man will have to find the reason why the citizens of the state fall ill and think about how to neutralize it. There are a lot of tasks in the near future, you need to look for loyal assistants who will help to cope with a huge load. The news that the appearance of the virus is not accidental is shocking and makes you think. What to do and how to save the people? The Crown Prince will have to unravel the plot, cope with the mysterious plague that spreads too quickly and think about the future of the state. Meanwhile, Minister Cho Hak-Chu, together with the family, intends to make a coup.

The bloody war in ancient China made almost every local resident shudder. The ruler returns to his own royal castle to rest intently after numerous fierce battles. However, no one could have thought that the powerful king would soon die from a painful, long unknown illness.

Gradually, subordinates and close relatives begin to plan how to continue to adequately and properly act in the current negative crazy situation. There was no limit to surprise when at the most inopportune unexpected moment the king returned to life in the form of a bloodthirsty monster. Royal Advisor Cho is trying to carefully hide from the representatives of ordinary people such a dizzying fact. Meanwhile, the only son of Emperor Lee Khan is ready to take dubious risky measures to see his parent in a state of insanity. After an unsuccessful attempt to meet a relative, the frightened prince embarks on an exciting grand journey, and realizes that the whole universe is infected with a mysterious mysterious virus that can turn people into the walking dead.

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