L.A.'s Finest Season 2
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Events take place in a sunny city called Los Angeles. A huge number of crimes are committed here, and it is almost impossible to fix the numerous stream of villains. But the two police officers have long been agents. Sidney and Macken will not miss the opportunity to punish bandits by law. They get a newfound business, they must guard the boy, he was recently attacked. He managed to survive, but his nanny died. Parents are still in a safe place, but the boy cannot join, and urgent attempts must be made to save him.

L.A.'s Finest Season 2 Torrent Girls are appointed the main ones, they are obliged to monitor the child, and not to give him an insult. But on the first day of their guard, Sydney suddenly announced that she urgently needed to go on time, and decided not to go into details of her partner. Mackena is madly worried about her, phoned her colleagues and asked them to sit temporarily with the boy, followed by a friend, it turned out that the young lady did this very on time, her friend was in trouble. She literally crashed into a showdown of criminal personalities, and wanted to trick the information by cunning, but did not expect that the guards of this character were watching. Now she is surrounded by armed individuals, and she cannot cope without help. The heroine managed to affect the salvation of a partner. Returning to the house, where they should continue to guard the boy, they saw the defeat and death of colleagues there.

Not the easiest tests fell on Sid's part; she consciously chose for herself the path of struggle against the vile manifestations of everyday life. The girl was in the service in the department for combating drug trafficking. She never disdained any difficulties, always willingly taking on her own fragile shoulders an incredible burden of responsibility. It was unlikely that anything could frighten the heroine. Once, she realized that she was too burned out on a difficult job, because of this, a sudden decision was made to change her place of residence and position. Taking a job as a detective, Sida could not even imagine that here she was waiting for no less stormy life turns and dangerous adventures. Having received as a partner a small-town professional, the mother of two children with an incredibly complex character, the heroine first took hostility with hostility. And she, immediately, answered her with the same extremely hospitable reception.

Ladies obviously do not have a disposition for each other. But as true fighters, they do their job perfectly and, noticing each other's achievements and skills, begin to be imbued with mutual respect. In working together, you have to overcome multiple difficulties and find a way out of difficult situations. L.A.'s Finest Season 2 Torrent The time came when the two partners gained full confidence and even began to look like friends. Such trust helped them to rally in the struggle for justice, against attackers and the whole of human scum.

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