Stargirl Season 1
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Stargirl Season 1 Torrent HD We will be told a story about the activities of a new generation of superheroes. The key character has lived all her life in California in an ordinary family. Courtney Whitmore is a stylish, attractive young lady. Once the priorities of the young lady have changed dramatically. Her parents are getting divorced. Barbara's mom is marrying Pat Dugan again. Stepfather often disappears from home for a long time.

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Release Year: 2020
Genre: Fiction, Fantasy, Action, Drama, Crime, Adventure
Issued: USA
Duration: ~ 00:53:00

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The heroine becomes curious, and she parses his things. A high school student discovered a superhero costume - the first Star-Striped Boy. The girl tries on clothes and feels how superhuman abilities are awakened in her. From now on, the heroine-schoolgirl is endowed with superpower and skillfully wields a sword, as well as all types of martial arts. And, having taken possession of the legendary space rod, the newly-born warrior is able to fly and shoot energy, as well as put protection from the force field.

Having decided to use her talents as intended, the warrior girl joins the United States Justice Society. While adults are busy with their own affairs, a group of young people endowed with superpowers, such young people as Courtney, save the entire planet from global catastrophes. An invulnerable team of guys defends the whole of humanity and wages a continuous struggle with powerful extraterrestrial aggressors.

Stargirl Season 1 Torrent HD In the center of the plot is an ordinary girl named Courtney Whitmore. She is always interested in fashion, so she looks stylish and likes to attend various parties. Her parents divorced, and later the main character goes to study in high school. Her mother Barbara begins to live with Pat Dugan and his son Mike, who becomes her daughter's stepbrother. The woman returns to work and tries to establish professional, marital and maternal responsibilities.

One day, the main character, considering things left after his father, finds a star-striped suit. Now the girl begins to understand why he was often away from home. Having decided to try it on, she discovers a powerful force within herself and discovers a magic wand. From this moment, the young person has many secrets that distinguish her from other representatives of the fairer sex. Thanks to the belt, she skillfully owns many types of martial arts, which makes her an invincible warrior. Courtney subsequently re-creates the Justice Society after its adult members begin to go about their business. Moreover, it includes the same young personality as herself.

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