Station 19 Season 3
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Seattle is not only famous for the futuristic six-story Space Needle Tower. The city is famous for its strange fire brigade number 19. Employees manage to travel to unusual challenges in their complexity and just as easily find time for heart matters. Romance and its intricacies greatly facilitate the monotonous life of rescuers. Another call is not long in coming - the car crashes into Mr. Joe's shop. An explosion of fireworks provokes a fire. Sullivan and Andy, who lead a valiant team, make operational decisions and save people. The building threatens to collapse any minute. This incident brings Ben, one of the firefighters, painful memories from the past. He previously worked in a hospital and remembers seriously ill patients.

Episodes: 1-16 of 16 full added 16 episodes

Release Year: 2020
Country: USA
Genre: Action, Thriller, Drama, Romance
Duration: ~ 00:44:00


Station 19 Season 3 Torrent Like ghosts, these visions arise. A new day is coming and brings relief. Firefighters are trying to switch to a more vibrant and calm wave. Charismatic Jack, the soul of the team, is always ready to help colleagues in difficult times, to joke and in time to distract from gloomy thoughts. Emotions often overwhelm him, raging and breaking out. But this does not spoil the image of the hero. Andy rushes headlong into work, trying to get away from bad thoughts. Another call comes to the standby console - a carbon monoxide leak is spreading. Captain Sullivan and his crew are ready to ride.

Station 19 Season 3 torrent tells of the rescue workers who, not sparing themselves, work for the safety of the people of Seattle. Andy Herrera is a self-confident woman who shows the rest of the employees of her unit that even such an element as fire is not able to stop her. She is an object to follow. Her father, who is the head of the station, can be proud of Andy. Ben Warren has a lot to learn from the main character. He is a green novice in business, but he used to work at no less intense work - he was an anesthetist at a local hospital. Lt. Jack Gibson is a confident and fearless man. With this you can go to any business. Often, firefighters are helped by Ryan Tanner, a police officer who has long known Andy and seems to still have warm feelings for her. The main characters challenge the dangers every day and try to remain strong and independent.

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