Supergirl Season 5
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The story of the super girl Kara continues. She, like her cousin, arrived from Krypton. This is a planet of people with superpowers. The heroine's parents asked her to return to Earth and take patronage of her cousin there, but when she agreed, she had no idea that time on Earth was calculated differently. Supergirl Season 5 Torrent Download Cousin has already grown and become a superman. He does not need custody, and rather, she looks in front of him like a fragile and unprotected girl. Such a heroine decides to stay. She does not demonstrate her skills and painstakingly hides them from the evil eye, one manages to hide not for long. The fact that a catastrophe happened in her homeland, and the superhumans tumbled down here en masse, the heroine learned not so long ago and quite by accident.

Episodes: 1-19 of 19 full added 19 episodes

Release Year: 2019
Country: USA
Genre: Fiction, Action, Drama, Crime
Duration: ~ 00: 42: 00


On earth, she was brought up by strangers, but good people, and they do not deserve that she refused them help when she could save. Upon learning that her half-sister needed to be saved, the heroine renounced her old oaths and did everything to save her. So very quickly, she realized that she needed to do everything possible as quickly as possible in order to bring her beloved sister back to life. Those who encroached on her life did this on purpose. They knew the price that the super girl was ready to pay, and she was comfortable with them.

Supergirl Season 5 Torrent HD In a vast universe on the planet Krypton, a fierce war is taking place to protect the daughter of Kara from death, parents send their child on a spaceship into outer space, where she is stuck in intergalactic space. Forward girls already went her cousin baby Kal Al, who successfully flew to Earth. After many years, the girl found a way out, and also settled on the planet in a good family, like her brother. In the Danvers family, the girl found shelter and sparking care, but she hid her supernatural abilities from relatives, because it is simply impossible to predict their reaction to tremendous power, the ability to fly and shoot with laser fire.

As an adult girl, Kara began the search for her brother, and unexpectedly committed a heroic act when she saw a plane crash where her sister Alex was. She used her gift to save people. Soon she manages to get into the department, which deals with extraterrestrial incidents and is constantly confronted with villains with supernormal abilities. The young lady chooses a heroic path, taking an example from her own cousin Superman. Now she uses her skills for the benefit of earthlings, and work becomes her cover. There, Supergirl finds information about the appearance of a threat in the face of alien evil creatures. The beauty defended the human race, teaming up with some superheroes, giving battle to all who dared to threaten earthlings.

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