The Boys Season 1
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The events of this multi-part picture takes place in a world where superheroes exist. According to the plot of "Boys" they are the real stars. Everyone knows and adores them. But behind an ideal facade lies a much darker world of drugs and sex, and most of the characters in life are not the most pleasant people.

Episodes: 1-8 of 8 full added 8 episodes

Release Year: 2019
Country: USA
Genre: Action, Comedy, Crime, SCI-FI
Duration: ~ 01:00:00

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To control superheroes, the CIA creates a special unit, the harsh members of which are always ready to put the arrogant hero in place in the most cruel way. This squad includes the best of the best, who have been carefully selected.

The Boys Season 1 torrent download is not jargon, showing the contingent of the young generation living in the metropolis area. This is a dangerous and expensive work of public services, which decided to slightly limit the influence of superheroes in the world. It turns out that Superman with Iron Man is not such a fantasy. There are many people on the planet who are ready to use developed skills for the good, but this does not exclude egoists with incredible abilities, loving money and looting. To regulate their actions, it was necessary to select especially loyal units to the project that would agree to carry out specialized tasks to eliminate dangerous mutants.

Development expands the powers of individual superhumans, and allows you to take whatever your heart desires. How ordinary people will react to such decisions. Abuse of existing forces shows vanity and threats to national security. And it is important to stop. Otherwise, there will be a big war, where the peoples will turn into cannon fodder for fans to spew flame, or squeeze iron helmets. Will the team of guys included in this big project be able to stop the existing sources of death?

The Boys Season 1 Torrent HD The heroes of our television series, real superheroes, transfer us to their life world, where there is joy and, of course, everyday problems. They are popular, they are always welcome, they simply adore them. But inside the young team there are skirmishes, sometimes turning into real dramas. Such tensions between them unexpectedly draw the guys into a dangerous game in which betrayal and bad connections began to be present. Even criminal acts were not alien to them.

They became uncontrollable and it was not possible to direct the true path, since they did not recognize the rule of law. And so, to calm down the malicious offenders, the Central Intelligence Agency gathers a special team, whose members were very severe. Their main task was to stop such famous and beloved superheroes, and they then knew many ways to pacify.

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