The Flash Season 6
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Barry Allan is a student at a science university. His knowledge allows you to create complex inventions. A keen mind has repeatedly become the guarantor of the financing of many projects by the scientific department. Developing the next mechanism for transforming energy from one state to another, he receives a serious lightning-fast charge. After this, people die. The main character managed to survive without scratches. Strange events take place in the city. After that very day, abnormal activity sharply increased. The main character feels that everything is natural, and decides to conduct an investigation. No one could predict that in the course of their own experiment. This guy will be able to reach the speed of light.

Episodes: 1-19 of 19 full added 19 episodes

Release Year: 2019
Country: USA
Genre: Fiction, Action, Drama, Adventure
Duration: ~ 00:43:00


The Flash Season 6 Torrent Download The fateful lightning of that night gave Barry a unique superpower to travel at incredible speed. The student understands that this needs to be used for the benefit of humanity and creates the image of a superhero named Flash. Things get complicated when he finds out that at that moment there were several dozen faces on the roof. They acquired skills that were previously only in the characters of films. Not everyone plans to act in the interests of citizens, which leads to a serious confrontation.

The Flash Season 6 Torrent HD From an early age, Barry Allen is associated with an excellent ability to run fast. Being late for school or hiding from local bullies, he dreamed of mastering super-speed. However, the boy’s carefree childhood ended too unexpectedly. After the mysterious death of his mother, his whole life begins to go downhill. The father is behind bars, and the boy becomes a member of the investigator's family. The only salvation of his terrible fate was the daughter of a detective named Iris.

Years go by, and love for the half-sister grows with incredible strength. But the young man knew perfectly well that someone like him would not be able to stand in a row of applicants for the girl’s heart. Perhaps further events will change his point of view.
Faced in unpleasant circumstances, the hero will get what he dreamed about for so long. Surely this is what helps to take a significant step on the path to winning the heart of a charming person. In addition, he leads the game on both sides. Despite the subjugation of his beloved, a new task arises before him. The guy must defeat special people who received superpowers from unclean matter. Will he be able to get what he wants? Or have to sacrifice a loved one for the salvation of mankind?

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