The Passage Season 1
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In South America, it was possible to find a new species of bats in the depths of the caves. They never flew into the light, which is why vision reacts extremely negatively to any sources. A random expedition entered the territory of these creatures. Animals quickly activated to protect the house he unexpected guests. Later, all bitten people began to feel strange, better and calmer. A full medical examination showed that the bite of such a creature completely cures cancer and other diseases. The discovery will help to overcome all existing ailments forever. Scientists conducted a blood test of mice and came to the conclusion that such a process could not go through a natural way.

Episodes: 1-10 of 10 full added 10 episodes

Release Year: 2019
Country: USA
Genre: Horror, Fantasy, Action, Drama, Adventure.
Duration: ~ 00:45:00

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The Passage Season 1 Torrent Download While people were beating their heads about the volumes of the encyclopedia, all bitten ones changed dramatically. Character descended to primitive biological desires - eat and sleep. It turns out that the myths and legends about vampires described in books and films are not fiction, but reality. Over mankind is a huge threat of destruction. If you do not take control of the growing population of bloodsuckers, then a person, as a creature, will soon be in the graph an endangered species. How such a rebirth can be used for good purposes, not to kill so valuable specimens!

The Passage Season 1 Torrent HD The government decides to conduct a very unusual secret experiment. They decide to release the terrible bloodthirsty vampires who are infected with a very dangerous virus with a wide spectrum of action. All of humanity is in very serious danger. People do not suspect that they are threatened with mortal horror. It is required to stop the spread of a terrible disease as soon as possible. If this is not done at the time, then this can lead to the extinction of a large number of people. Only one person can save the world.

You can’t think of her like that. At first glance, a girl named Amy is the most ordinary child. She herself is not aware of her unusual abilities. The body of an orphan girl has amazing capabilities. She can fight a very dangerous virus that can span the entire planet. Now the peace and health of this world is in the hands of a very small person who does not yet have a clue how important he is. Amy has a lot of life problems. A girl grows without parents. She very often feels lonely, lost and forgotten. Various situations happen to her in which she simply does not understand how to behave properly.

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