Vikings Season 6
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Vikings Season 6 Torrent Download The descendants of the brave warrior Ragnar continue the work begun by the famous and fearless warrior. Ragnar has visited many battles and proved to be one of the valiant and selfless leaders. He was a powerful ruler of the Vikings, whom all subjects respected and feared ill-wishers and enemies. After his tragic death, the widowed Lagerta is experiencing the death of her beloved spouse. But she must not fall into despair, because she needs to maintain order in the territories entrusted to her and maintain strict discipline in the army. In addition, she needs to support her sons, especially the eldest son Björn - heir and future ruler. Having lost his father, he only thinks of revenge, because avenging a lost father is a matter of honor for the Viking. In the future plans of the brothers to make a campaign against the British, in order to destroy them, thereby avenging the premature death of their father.

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Release Year: 2019
Country: Ireland, Canada
Genre: History, Drama, Action, Romance, Adventure, Military
Duration: ~ 00:45:00

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According to their developed strategy, the brothers go camping from different angles. Björn plans to continue his long-planned journey to go around all the lands of the Mediterranean, and his younger brother wants to conquer countries belonging to great Britain. But to realize the plan is not at all simple. Heroes cannot even imagine what lies ahead, what unexpected turns fate has prepared for them, what incredible trials and bloody battles they face.

Vikings Season 6 Torrent HD The incredible Viking series will enchant you from the first series. The Irish, together with the Canadians, have created a real masterpiece that will tell you about the raids of fearless warriors in Anglo-Saxon Britain and the Western Frankish Kingdom. The events of the series develop during the reign of Jarl Haraldson. Scandinavian countries thrive on raids on neighboring settlements. The Vikings have everything that they need for life - blood, food, things and weapons. However, this does not suit one of them. Ragnar, a legend descended from Odin himself, is dreaming of the distant lands of the West. He pesters the ruler with tales of riches that they will find across the seas. Jarl about it and does not want to listen. He is not going to risk the ships and the lives of warriors for the sake of the dreams of a Viking.

Then the bold and focused Ragnar himself decides to travel, which causes discord between the Scandinavians. Some are ready to follow him, others want to stay on their land. Having gathered like-minded people, the Viking quickly builds a strong ship with a friend named Flocky and sets sail. In the first place of their arrival, the Vikings rob a small settlement and capture the priest Ethelstan. The man tells Ragnar that there are lands - England and France, which are really overflowing with wealth. The brave Viking becomes obsessed with dreams about them and decides to conquer them at all costs. This series tells about whether he succeeds, about all the difficulties on the way and conflicts with his own people.

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