Watchmen Season 1
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Not always superheroes capable of doing good. Alternative worlds show that many realities focus on their bias towards the population. We have to counteract, build a line of defense against such cranks with superpowers. The state quickly orientated itself, and after a series of failures carried out a reform that turned every unique individual who wanted to put on a mask out of law. Now it remains to think about how hard it will be for the community to stop global threats. If you put incredible people under a ban, then the risks of increasing crime to take the lead in the category of deadly threats can be obtained.

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Release Year: 2019
Country: USA
Genre: Fiction, Action, Drama, Detective, Crime
Duration: 1 x 01:02:00

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Rorschach, Silk Ghost, Moth and other former leaders who justified the movement under a serious legislative ban. You can’t talk about them, even think. Severe censorship incites punishment to anyone who dares to pronounce names aloud. Now, the emergency management organization is in charge of organizing rescue missions. Was this what the people demanded when they threw Molotov cocktails at the operational headquarters of superheroes?

In an alternative version of the United States of America, superheroes exist not only on the pages of popular comics, but also in real life. Watchmen Season 1 Torrent Download Most representatives with a unique gift began their careers all alone, trying to protect ordinary people from dangerous criminals of various stripes. However, after the mortal threat began to increase from the side of the attackers, the main characters made an important decision for themselves, and began to unite in small groups.

One of these unusual teams was an organization called Watchmen Season 1 Torrent HD, which included Ozimandia, Night Owl, Comedian, Dr. Manhattan and the Silk Ghost. At one point, the brave guys begin to investigate the death of a member of the community. But they were waiting for an unpleasant surprise. It turned out that in the world there is a secret conspiracy against all people with paranormal abilities. The insidious plans of unknown persons can forever turn the history of human development. Daredevils could not allow such events to be realized. After all, they have long become an integral part of the American people. The experimental group has repeatedly proved that it can stop any terrible enemy who wants to destroy the existing world.

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