Wayne Season 1
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The main character in all respects can be attributed to difficult teenagers who live according to their own laws and moral principles. His father, dying of cancer, left his "Pontiac" as a legacy to his son. Auto - a genuine rarity of the late 70's, but it remains to be returned. According to the recognition of the parent, Wayne's mother seducer took the car with him to Florida. Grieving at heart, a teenager gets on a motorcycle and sets off to return his property stolen many years ago. A company full of adventure in the style of a cool action movie traveling across the country, he is girlfriend Del. At the beginning of the journey, she leaves the impression of an excellent girl as opposed to her boyfriend.

Episodes: 1-10 of 10 full added 10 episodes

Release Year: 2019
Country: USA
Genre: Action, Comedy, Drama
Duration: ~ 35 min.

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Wayne Season 1 Torrent HD But a beautiful girlfriend is showing more and more oddities. She actively participates in fights without rules, which the young anti-hero undertakes endlessly with an innate sense of justice in order to punish those who have long been asking for big trouble. And the bad guys get in their way all the time. Physical injuries are inflicted with sophisticated cruelty, blood is shed. But each time, as if fate itself keeps reckless Wayne in hard fights for the sake of his ultimate goal. And upon arrival in Florida, it turns out that the inheritance will again have to fight. This time with a whole gang, because the rare Pontiac is not waiting for his heir in the parking lot. Its value has already been noticed by real gangsters who kill for a smaller amount without hesitation.

A sixteen-year-old teenager from Boston, Wayne would have led a completely nonchalant life typical of all young people of his age, but adult problems touched the young boy's life too early. His mother left him at the age of five, and his father was mortally ill with oncology. Soon, the son and his parent will go outside, as they simply do not have money for rent, and the landlord is tired of hearing about the delay.

Left to his own devices, Wayne does not consider it necessary to attend school daily and appears there only to exchange another trinket for money. Because of his behavior, the guy often ends up in the director’s office, but even the threat of expulsion does not scare Wayne as much as the hopelessness and fear of losing his closest person. To many, he seems to be a careless and near-minded street fool, prone to brutal and aggressive actions, but Wayne himself knows that he has a kind heart with a sense of justice. He cannot pass by when high school students offend his black friend and he will not tolerate if he sees his tyrant father scolding his girlfriend. Del is the only one who has not pushed Wayne away from herself.

Wayne Season 1 Torrent Download The girl just went home and sold cookies, and the sullen guy, who nearly knocked her down the door, seemed funny, unusual and sincere. The situation in the Del family is also far from ideal. She is saving up for her own election campaign, hoping to come of age and become mayor of the city. For the sake of a good purpose, she steals cookies for sale, but the imperious and cruel father in the company of two silly sons takes away all of her daughter's savings. Del could have run away, but she has nowhere to go. One day, Wayne finds out that many years ago his father bought a rare Pontiac, on which his mother safely fled to Florida with another lover.

Inspired by the idea to return the lost relic, the teenager hastily collects simple belongings in a school backpack and takes a motorcycle out of the garage of the house. He did not have time to tell his parents about his intentions, but before leaving he took care of all the things that his father could not finish. Only the most important thing remains, and Wayne takes Del along with him on the road to Ocala. Somewhere out there, in Florida, his unlucky mother and car, which should rightfully belong to Wayne, live safely. A pair of teenagers gets on a motorcycle and leaves the city, rushing towards something new and unknown.

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