Amazing Stories Season 1
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The direct audience attention in this multi-part film adaptation is truly “Amazing Stories”, which, in turn, the tangent storyline, have no common connection. All acting characters and situations in which they ultimately have to end up reveal a different genre orientation and carry the opposite semantic load. The unifying factor will be the fantastic component of the film, which does not lend itself to logical explanation and the unpredictability of waiting from the side. The proposed series is a kind of remake of the sensational movie masterpiece in the eighties, to which the famous director Stephen King had a hand.

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Production: USA
Release Year: 2020
Genre: Fantasy, Adventure
Duration: ~ 00:50:00 episode

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Amazing Stories Season 1 2020 Torrent People are developing, creating new technologies to make life easier. This obsession pointedly threw humanity into the abyss of stagnation. Numerous attempts to turn the program into artificial intelligence, or organize a revolutionary gadget remain within the realm of dreams. If these peaks are submitted, then the civilization ladder is forced to collide with an impenetrable door, which creates a temporary lull. This will happen until the moment of recognition of one’s own helplessness as a biological species, which means that new branches of technological superiority will sprout further. Amazing Stories Season 1 2020 Torrent This time, under the scrutiny of scientists, technologists and programmers, there will be a living creature. Within a single organism, experiments will begin to create unique drugs that can stop dangerous diseases, or the introduction of innovative exoskeletons into the body to enhance.

Everything changes dramatically when several citizens of a tiny provincial town discover incredible abilities that allow them to deliver multi-ton strikes, instantly move or materialize into electricity and travel by wire. No one expects this, or is this another experience from the government?

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