The I-Land Season 1
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At the center of the events is a strange story that happened with ten people who are completely unfamiliar with each other. Once the main characters suddenly wake up and do not understand where they are. The I-Land Season 1 Torrent Characters inexplicably find themselves on a mysterious island. They remember absolutely nothing about their past life and how they got there. True, despite the current situation, they are truly surrounded by paradise nature: the azure sea, a beautiful beach, lush and vibrant vegetation.

Episodes: 1-7 of 7 full added 7 episodes

Release Year: 2019
Country: USA
Genre: Fiction, Drama, Detective, Adventure
Duration: ~ 00:43:00

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Now the first priority for the newly made islanders is to return home as soon as possible. They get together and hit the road. During numerous attempts to find a way out of this territory, the heroes begin to realize that everything in reality is not what they think. The insidious island has prepared many trials for new arrivals. The latter have to survive in harsh and unusual conditions: cunning traps await them everywhere. The main characters have to suffer in psychological and physical terms, so they have one way out - to make every effort to save their lives.

A beautiful sunny day, a wonderful island, lost in the ocean and ten people who do not understand anything. Who are they, where and how did you get on this uninhabited piece of land? Each of them can remember absolutely nothing from the past, not even his name, but they are all sure that some monstrous mistake or someone’s evil joke has occurred. They are unfamiliar with each other and completely do not understand how they ended up on the island. Only one thing is clear to everyone - from the mysterious island you need to get out as soon as possible. Recovering a little from shock, involuntary neighbors begin to consider a possible plan of salvation. But the island surrounded on all sides by water was not so simple and prepared many trials for its forced guests, in which the heroes either show their character and endurance in order to survive, or die, surrendering to difficulties.

The I-Land Season 1 Torrent But you will have to show not only your physical abilities, but also the strength of spirit and will. Prisoners of the island will face not only hunger and a lack of habitual benefits, but also misunderstanding and rejection of each other. They have to learn how to live together and accept everyone with all his shortcomings, change themselves and change others. After going through many trials, the heroes will still be able to understand that they can return to their usual lives only by changing themselves, overcoming their shortcomings and vices. Otherwise, they have no chance of salvation.

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