Central Park Season 1
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A musical comedy animated series about the ranger of the central park in New York and his family. He really loves nature, flowers and trees. The main character carefully takes care of the green inhabitants of his town, monitors cleanliness and order. Park guests are in a pleasant atmosphere of warmth and comfort. They raise wonderful children with their wife. As in every family, not everything goes smoothly and problems arise, but the heroes cope and solve them. The relationship in the family is tender and touching. But in one of the skyscrapers whose windows overlook a picturesque park, an insidious business lady lives.

She simply hates this park, clearly expressing her feelings, wanting to "take the hell out of it", watch the animated series Central Park all episodes in hd 1080. In its place, Betty plans to raise skyscrapers. The caretaker and his entire family will defend their favorite park. The giant green space will become an apple of discord for the heroes of the picture. How will our heroes cope with an evil and formidable destroyer. What difficulties they have to face in order to save their park with its green spaces. After all, they solve not only the problem of their city, but of humanity as a whole.

The focus is on a unique amazing family named Tillerman. The main characters throughout their entire lives live in the legendary city central park, which is located in one of the largest American metropolitan areas. The head of the family, a strange mysterious guy, Owen, is trying to carefully monitor the order and cares for cleanliness. Meanwhile, the charming wife of Molly brings up the growing glorious kids, who also take a direct part in the life and fate of this gigantic large-scale area.

However, the innocent victims did not yet realize that the situation would take a very terrible, terrible turn. The fact is that the overbearing businesswoman Bitsy, who lives in a high skyscraper, one day understands that she wants to destroy a beautiful place and turn the land into a profitable profitable business. A desperate woman is trying to negotiate with numerous diverse representatives of the authorities. Naturally, a family of key figures who do not want to leave their favorite picturesque place stands up for the institution. Each attempt to establish a dialogue with capricious residents ends in complete failure, accompanied by curious funny phenomena and actions.

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