Crossing Swords Season 1
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The plot of the cartoon Crossing Swords Season 1 torrent online takes place in the Middle Ages. The main character is a kind and hardworking peasant named Patrick, who dreams of becoming a squire in the castle. But when he gets the work of his dreams, everything turns out to be completely different from what he imagined.

Patrick is horrified when he learns that his beloved kingdom is controlled from an aspen nest consisting of a lustful monarch, charlatans and crooks. But this is not his only problem.

Patrick’s courage and honesty made him the black sheep in the family, and now his criminal brothers and sisters are doing everything to turn his life into hell. War, murder, licentiousness - who would have thought that people had such an exciting life in those days?

Crossing Swords Season 1 Torrent For Free He was born in a village near the castle, but a happy combination of circumstances allowed him to take the place of a squire at one of the knights. The guy is incredibly happy, because he always wanted to bring justice, bravely fighting (or, in any case, helping someone to fight bravely) on the battlefield. Moreover, Patrick can say goodbye to his family, which does not share his ideals and is almost a criminal gang.

But the tale ended as quickly as it began. Soon, the life of the protagonist becomes a nightmare. After all, he could not think before, who really rules the kingdom. Real crooks and thieves! Who will free the homeland from negligent rulers, if not Patrick? True ... there are several problems, of which the oath of crime is the most insignificant. In addition, again the relatives of the protagonist are announced who want to ruin his life.

Intrigue, treachery, blood baths and naked doll bodies - this story will definitely set the heat! By the way, it's better not to show the cartoon to your children. It is designed for a more adult audience.

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