Solar Opposites Season 1
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Solar Opposites Season 1 Torrent Download Pupa is a charming resident of a distant fairytale planet, on which a terrible catastrophic event will soon happen. The main character understands that in a short period it is necessary to develop a brilliant plan to save the rest of the family. Four courageous decisive characters were on board their spaceship to go to boundless lands.

Episodes: 1-8 of 8 full added 8 episodes

Actors: Sean Giambrone , Mary Mack , Justin Roiland
Languages: English
Country: USA
Directed by:
Genres: Animation , Comedy , Sci-Fi
Year: 2020


After a while, the frightened bewildered aliens understand that a reliable shelter is not yet visible. However, the negative situation changes dramatically when a bright blue ball appears on the horizon. Children land on the territory of a large multi-million dollar tourist metropolis, which is located in the great powerful country of the United States of America. Having crossed the threshold of a small house, a friendly and friendly team gets acquainted with the cheerful teens Terry and Corvo, who are ready to help newly-made friends. Naive people plan to talk about the existence of special rules, thanks to which uninvited guests will be able to hide from insidious pursuers. It turns out that a terrible bloody cold-blooded war began in their native lands.

Solar Opposites Season 1 Torrent HD The focus was on strange mysterious objects that belong to an alien dizzying civilization. The main characters are calm peaceful inhabitants of a distant unknown planet who are used to conducting a peaceful, peaceful way of life. However, the innocent victims did not realize that at one fine moment the situation would radically change in a negative negative direction. Powerful insidious invaders plan to seize power in the territory of a small settlement.

Frightened by confused persons, they have to leave their native picturesque lands in order to find a new haven. A blue ball called Earth appeared in sight. Naive fools fly into the powerful democratic great state of the United States of America, where they try to carefully disguise themselves from prying eyes. Soon, the guys get acquainted with the local indigenous people in the person of ordinary teenagers Terry and Corvo. Newly made buddies are willing to take risks to hide key figures. In a short period it is necessary to give the poor fellow the right necessary knowledge and skills that will be useful in further developing events.

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