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Genius Season 1 Torrent HD Modern inhabitants are obliged to the available comfort and the ability to use a variety of inventions that facilitate the livelihoods of the most ingenious minds. They lived at different times, but managed to leave behind valuable works that contributed to the rapid development of technology.

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The surrounding people treated them with incomprehension and amazement, often considering them strange. But many theories are still used to create the latest developments.

In 1879, an ordinary child was born in the small town of Ulm in the south of Germany, which later became a well-known and respected scientist. When the Nazis came to power in the country, his family had to leave their homeland and go to the New World, fearing persecution and repression. Albert was considered a rather lazy and wayward student, received poor grades and did not receive a certificate of graduation from an educational institution.

Genius Season 1 Torrent Download His abilities appeared much later, dumbfounded by the public with unexpected discoveries. Einstein put forward theorems that caused heated debates and seemed unreasonable. But thanks to his own aspirations, he earned worldwide recognition and became an honorary member of the academies of various powers.

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