Genius Season 3
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Genius Season 3 Torrent HD Scientific geniuses promoted to the public their inventions and hypotheses about the theory of the universe. This was called blasphemy, ignorance and primitive disrespect for the church and religion. But the desire to know the unknown forced the minds of skeptical citizens to question all pre-established axioms. Modernity undeservedly allocates to such incredible people only certain places in books or encyclopedias, not realizing the full value of the effort put into an inconspicuous successful experiment. This is for a person of the 21st century, the typical theory of attraction looks boring and uninteresting, and for Isaac Newton, the discovery made it possible to leave a trace in human history forever.

If you take every inventor or theorist, you can see that those tiny lines with the dates of the life cycle do not at all reflect the true beauty of the experience. Geniuses of various spheres allowed future generations to live in favorable conditions, and, unfortunately, only a few appreciate the sacrifice made. One controversial question remains: is the society of the present worthy for outstanding people to give their lives for the sake of its late existence?

Genius is a complex original word, which implies certain gigantic dizzying qualities of a special courageous person. The new documentary television series was created specifically for an important crucial moment when unique stories of the very best people of our time who managed to leave their own name in the memory of the surrounding modern society will appear in front of the multimillion-strong army of fans and fans of the state American channel.

Genius Season 3 Torrent Download With the third season returns the series "Genius". The picture continues to talk about outstanding personalities who had a direct impact on the development of culture or science in the world. This time, the authors pay attention to the story of Aretha Franklin, a performer in the soul genre, who became a real legend. A woman reached maximum popularity in the late sixties of the last century. She made a huge contribution to the development of music and at the same time remained an example to follow outside the stage. In two thousand eighteen, the main character died, fighting the cancer for the seventh year.

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