The Great Season 1
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The Great Season 1 Torrent Download In the center of the plot is Catherine the Great. The young life of the main character, her stay at court, and her first love are shown. Events take place in the 18th century on the territory of Russia, in the future the main character will become the empress of this country. Catherine is the daughter of the Prince of Anhalt-Zerbst, and she has a difficult way to become the head of state. Indeed, Catherine will become one of the most powerful and famous monarchs in the Russian Empire. The main character has an interesting and eventful life.

Episodes: 1-10 of 10 full added 10 episodes

Actors: Elle Fanning , Nicholas Hoult , Sacha Dhawan...
Languages: English
Country: Australia UK
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Genres: Biography , Comedy , Drama , History
Year: 2020



Her husband Peter the Third was not distinguished by special political and managerial knowledge, and life with him did not bring happiness. Catherine will have to make decisions that are more important for her, personal life, or the future of the Russian Empire. It is very difficult to hold power over a huge state, but the young years of the future empress tempered her. The court life was not easy, many intrigues could pretty much ruin life. But it was an interesting and informative time. Catherine’s life has always been filled with various interesting events. Thanks to her mind and perseverance, the main character herself built her fate.

The action takes place in Russia of the XVIII century. The young daughter of Prince Anhalt-Zerbst walks from the unknown German Princess Sophia Augustus Frederika to the future Empress Catherine, one of the most powerful monarchs of the Russian Empire.

The Great Season 1 Torrent HD Tony McNamara, who wrote the script for The Favorite by Yorgos Lantimos, was the screenwriter and producer of the project, and the director's chair was taken by Matt Sheckman, who had previously worked on Game of Thrones, Fargo and the acclaimed Boys. With such creators, the series "Great" promises to be a hit. This can be easily verified if all the series are watched online in good quality.

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