Betty Season 1
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Girls prefer to pursue simple interests. Dolls and various role-playing games demonstrate their full dynamic and slightly risky game much better. But Betty is a little different from existing boring girls. The strangeness is in the desire to penetrate into the amazing sensations of the headwind when you move down the hill to this dangerous board with tiny wheels. Skateboarding quickly turns into a bewitching action, which is hardly perceived as a girl's entertaining toy.

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Release Year: 2020
Genre: Comedy
Issued: USA

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All that is needed for this is not only boys, but also girls. We have a standings. Creation of a new group, preparation for a clash with amateur workshops. We did not have the opportunity to stay in motion on the board. Betty Season 1 Torrent Download To claim such things? Betty refuses to give up, which requires respect, but recognizes the futility of previously stated sayings?

At the center of the comedy series of a story about young New Yorkers who have set themselves the goal of reaching the highest level in the world of skateboarding. Charming women have challenged men who undeservedly rule the ball in an extreme sport. Beauty Betty went on skateboarding a few years ago. However, in such a short period of time, she was able to master the skills of riding and managing a difficult instrument. Her friends are still not so good at performing complex pirouettes, but they are also eager to wipe the arrogant guys from the local court.

Betty Season 1 Torrent HD The heroines came to this sport in different ways. But all of them are united by cheerfulness, friendliness and self-confidence. They devote all their free time to skateboarding, trying to learn the basics of the subculture of multimillion-dollar movement. The competition with the male half of the community allowed each participant to reveal the inner qualities hidden in her heart. The final match reveals spelling truth - only true friendship can help overcome hidden fears.

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