Dead to Me Season 2
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Jen is experiencing tragic events in life. Beloved husband passed away, now it is simply necessary to realize existence and understand how to live further. Neighbors and acquaintances often support and visit the young lady; they have no idea how to lose a loved one. But she answers everyone with rudeness, believing that she does not need these regrets and support.

Episodes: 1-10 of 10 full added 10 episodes

Actors: Linda Cardellini , Christina Applegate , James Marsden...
Languages: English
Country: USA
Directed by:
Genres: Comedy , Drama
Year: 2019
Runtime: 30

Dead to Me Season 2 Torrent Download Suddenly, a friend invites her to come to a special cult, where many people lost their relatives, and told the public about this. They try to brighten up their pastime instead of bitterness and pain. There, the widow met Judy. But the heroine liked the heroine for her eccentricity. It turns out that the girl is able to rejoice even when she feels grief. They exchanged phones and phoned in the evening.

Dead to Me Season 2 Torrent HD Their relationship developed quite rapidly, and later Jen even invited her to visit to introduce her family. So they spent time, having fun and having fun, discussing the former, and remembered about possible future options. But suddenly, the police rang at the door of the young lady and said that she had a criminal in her house. It turns out that Judy is a mentally unstable person, and often she can lose control.

Jen was very upset by the loss of her husband, who died under the wheels of a car hiding from the scene of the accident. Judy's husband was also dead, having died of a heart attack. Left alone, she did not know how to live on. Two years ago, these two completely different women met by chance in a support group, for those whose loved one died.

A fleeting meeting and a little conversation gradually grew into friendship. Despite all the differences, they had something that brought them together. They are both inconsolable widows. The ladies began to spend time together, share memories and support each other. Relationships, which would seem strange to many, helped them escape from the pain of loss. However, Judy soon found out the truth about her new girlfriend.

It turns out that her husband is not dead, but simply abandoned her. Arriving to visit her, she saw him with her own eyes - alive and healthy. Having told the deceiver everything that she thought about her, she wanted to break their friendship. But when she found out that Judy was alone because she could not have children and had nowhere to live, Jen suggested she stay in her guest house.

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