Dollface Season 1
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Girls are destined to always be in the shadow of men. This simple truth was present in the head of the main character. She saw the life story of her parents. And I understood that the house always needs to be cleaned and cooked, and development, work and other subtleties will wait. It is more important to satisfy a working man. He comes home tired, and begins to conduct aggressive re-education, hinting at the true place of his beloved. Was a beautiful young lady dreaming of such an existence, in whose head there are incredible ambitions and aspirations?

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Release Year: 2019
Country: USA
Genre: Comedy
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Dollface Season 1 Torrent Download The main character had to actually isolate himself from such complex and incredible plans, because marriage loomed on the horizon, where, according to mother and father, you need to fully provide your spouse with comfort, and it does not matter that it will harm. Such contradictory and strange words, poured into my ears, stop working when her husband unexpectedly ignored her illness, intending to hide behind her tiredness and desire for a hot night. She felt herself part of the interior, furniture for temporary use. This led to a divorce. Can a girl preoccupied with chores be able to restore herself in the person of her comrades?

Dollface Season 1 Torrent HD Suddenly, a serious conflict in the family turned the main character into an ungrateful bitch, which now and then lived at the expense of her husband. He constantly works, brings money home, provides the necessary benefits. But she is bad and soulless does not appreciate this. Many, including parents, pounced on her, trying to comprehend and apologize. But a tired woman understands that she is under such pressure, oppression and disrespectful attitude.
The main character provides comfort, warmth of the family hearth, cleanliness in the house. It copes with the assigned responsibilities in full, there are still a few hours for their own self-development.

The peasant did not plan to have a smart and smart wife, it is difficult to manipulate them. Look, it will start asking unnecessary questions, it will require a percentage of the profit. She still does not understand that her husband should spend less than one percent on his beloved beauty. Now, with the beginning of a new historical leaf in the book of life, a lovely woman for the first time feels real freedom, not constant reproaches, as if the former considered her as a servant, not a support and assistant in the pursuit of better improvement. But the world has changed, and priorities have become different, will she be able to successfully start everything from scratch.

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