Good Girls Season 3
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In a provincial American town, there are three charming friends who are suffering serious financial difficulties. From early childhood, they dreamed of breaking out of these parts and starting life from scratch. All girls also raise children who require constant attention and an infusion of large funds. Spending increases every day. It seems that soon the heroines will literally be at a trough. Obviously, legal methods cannot make good money. But the situation requires urgent intervention, which means that any risk will be fully justified.

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Release Year: 2020
Genre: Drama
Issued: USA

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Good Girls Season 3 Torrent Seeing no other way out, the trinity acquires a toy gun in a local store, and sets off for the "affair." Arriving at a large supermarket, desperate ladies take out “weapons” and become owners of large bags of cash. The problem seemed to be resolved, and they would no longer be in need. The cute robbers did not suspect that the manager had time to notice their faces and remember them well. Now the young ladies will have to forget about a good night's sleep and go out into the street with fear. It is possible that police officers have long gone on their trail and are looking forward to the right moment.

At the center of events are three ordinary American women, each of whom has fallen into a difficult life situation. One of them, a plump black woman, works as a waitress in a fast food restaurant, married to a security guard at a shopping center, but their daughter is seriously ill - she needs a kidney transplant and her family has no money for surgery.

The second woman is divorced, works as a cashier in a supermarket and tries to ignore persistent hints of an impudent manager. She is going to sue the rights to her child, but for this she needs a good lawyer, and she does not have money for him.

Good Girls Season 3 Torrent The third friend, a housewife, brings up four children, but her husband is cheating on her with her young secretary, and the woman is going to divorce him. But after a divorce, she will also need money to pay bills and a mortgage.

Finally, tired of such a life and being driven into a corner by financial difficulties, three friends in desperation decide to commit a crime - rob the cash desk of a supermarket. They succeed, but it turns out that they stole money from the mafia, which laundered funds through this store. Women fall for the mafia’s hook, and they have to work for it, getting into many funny situations and at the same time not forgetting to get money to solve their problems.

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