In the Dark Season 2
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Murphy Mason is a young attractive woman with a good sense of humor. But due to illness, she has been living in darkness since she was fourteen. Murphy is blind, but she does not like being pitied. She is renting an apartment with a neighbor, she has parents with whom she has a difficult relationship and a pretzel dog. Two years ago, an incident occurred that changed her boring and monotonous life.

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Release Year: 2020
Genre: Drama, Comedy
Issued: USA
Duration: 1 x ~ 00:42:00

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In the Dark Season 2 Torrent Her friend, seventeen-year-old black guy Tyson Parker, disappeared. She was robbed and beaten a couple of years ago. And only Tyson, who was then 15, dared to stop the robber. Since then, they have been friends and chatted almost every day in the evenings on the street. But one day, Murphy came to the alley where they met and found a corpse. Feeling her face, she realized that it was Parker.

In the Dark Season 2 Torrent However, the police did not believe her. When they arrived at the scene, the body disappeared. The detectives thought that the blind girl simply got drunk and mistook the homeless for her friend. But the stubborn Mason is sure that she was not mistaken.

She begins her own investigation, in which her friend, Tyson's cousin and police officer Dean help her. His daughter also lost her eyesight after the accident and he sympathizes with his new friend. Will the heroine, despite her peculiarity, get to the bottom of the truth and find those who killed her only friend? Until that moment, she simply burned her life, but now she had a goal and she did not intend to retreat.

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