Kidding Season 1
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Jeff is not just a stellar local children's television show, he is something more. Someone calls the TV presenter and his program almost a national treasure, since Jeff has been entertaining children in his daily evening show for quite some time. He can amuse any child, since he himself never forgot what childhood is. From year to year, he smiles from the screen at a multimillion-dollar audience, trying to give only positive emotions to the audience. He knows how they love him and wait at the screens every night.

Episodes: 1-10 of 10 full added 10 episodes

Release Year: 2018
Country: USA
Genre: Drama, Comedy
Duration: ~ 00:30:00

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Kidding Season 1 Torrent Download But Jeff’s life is different. His family experienced a terrible tragedy when he lost one of his children. Now all this has left a very impressive imprint on Jeff himself, who can’t put up with what happened. All this leads to the fact that the marriage of the presenter can soon fall apart.

Fighting with family problems, Jeff every day must find the strength to go on and continue his work. His program is not just another broadcast, it is a real confession in which he tries to talk about how hard it is for him. Nobody understands Jeff, since the media corporation only needs to release the show on the air, and the TV presenter continues to play his role in the hope that everything will be fine and his life will regain meaning.

Kidding Season 1 Torrent HD Jeff does a great job as a comedian on television. A good fee and the prospect of the future obliges to rejoice and have fun. But in the life of this man who seeks to give people laughter, everything is not so joyful. The protagonist is experiencing a serious midlife crisis. At home, the spouse does not see him as a real business executive, and plans to file for divorce. Slow destruction of all existence, which is located outside the set, negatively affects the activity. It is impossible to sincerely show a smile to the audience if the head is a mess, and the native house is empty, cooled by recent hot feelings from a loving person.

He will have to cope with an inner instinct that reaches the depths of the soul. Punching another bottom of despair, he can’t stand it, which turns a comedy show into a minute of revelation with Jeff. He decides to tell the fans everything on camera to get forgiveness for the poor performance of the role. Who would have thought that the ratings of the tragic moment of the show would raise the question of creating an innovative project where there will be sadness, sadness and tears. People love to look at those who are worse off.

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