Last Man Standing Season 8
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Last Man Standing Season 8 Torrent Download Mike Baxter is a charming and courageous man who cannot imagine life without his beloved family. In the recent past, he decided to take full responsibility for housekeeping, which caused genuine surprise among others. Also, the guy is the owner of a small sporting goods store, which has long gained cult status among citizens. Customers and employees treat the leader with great respect. For them, he is a highly skilled specialist and an excellent businessman who puts his soul into the business. Also, the man participates in various travels and business trips that help him make new friends.

Episodes: 1-21 of 21 full added 21 episodes

Release Year: 2020
Country: USA
Genre: Comedy
Duration: ~ 00: 22: 00


Last Man Standing Season 8 Torrent HD Driving his car, Mike looks like a very serious and respectable businessman. At the workplace, he also tries to behave like a true macho, ready to make any sacrifices for his own interests. But in the home, everything is changing. Here he turns into a typical henpecked, not able to refuse any of her requests. The couple has three adult children, always creating trouble for parents. Kristin is a charming twenty-two-year-old girl who dreams of a successful career. Seventeen-year-old Mandy sincerely wants to find his prince, and fourteen-year-old Eve is experiencing great learning difficulties.

The focus of the plot of this fascinating comedy-melodramatic series is Mike Baxter. He created the image of a real man, the very one that all women dream of. The main character is successful and serious, because he runs a sports store. Everyone knows him as an excellent leader with very rigid and principled views and an unshakable character. Of course, the main character turns out to be an extremely interesting personality, which attracts the attention of others. Everyone knows that going against Baxter is not worth it.

A strong character and incredible self-confidence are the main features of the character when he is at work. He becomes completely different when he is at home. Here he is right in the flower garden: around the main character, the wife of Vanessa and three beautiful daughters of different ages. The main character unexpectedly turns into a henpecked man who indulges his loved ones in everything. Kristin is twenty-two years old and she is already thinking about building a career. Mandy is only seventeen, which is why the heroine is worried, since soon she will pass serious exams. Yves fourteen. She just entered adolescence when she was just starting to feel like an adult. Mike has to fight all the problems of his daughters. It turns out to be very, very difficult!

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