Little America Season 1
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Little America Season 1 Torrent HD Too many cases of immigrants moving to the United States of America. It was quite difficult for them to abandon their home, but for some reason they simply had no other choice. Thus, the public became interested in them, and is trying to find out how the main characters adapted to the newfound existence. Previously, their stories were published in a popular magazine. And now the creators are trying to create a documentary, and personally ask about a variety of difficulties and troubles.

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Release Year: 2020
Country: USA
Genre: Comedy
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Quite a few stories are seized by the soul, and listening to all the pain of the current inhabitants, who are now Americans, it is impossible not to sympathize with these people. They were originally settled in poor areas, because there was practically not enough money to rent normal housing. Property and real estate are expensive, it is almost impossible to buy such a luxury. As for work, there is a lot of work, but knowing that migrants will not require large wages, the local owners of enterprises and small businesses pay their labor in cents. The indigenous representatives of the living people do not want to cooperate and communicate with them, considering them to be trash of newcomers. It is very difficult to get used to a new life, especially when you are not going to be greeted here.

Events unfold around the guys who decided to create a documentary related to immigration to the United States of America. Previously, various stories of visiting citizens were published in the famous American magazine, and narrated situations of relocation. But at the moment, the film will convey much better the legends and emotional emotions of people who are in great trouble. They lived in their homes in remote territories, enjoyed their existence, tried to somehow survive in difficult conditions. Every day they had to deal with terrorism, lack of medicine and not the ability to earn money for living.

Little America Season 1 Torrent Download Later, such persons decided for themselves to take a crucial step, and, collecting the necessary things, moved to someone else's territory. But when they arrived, they did not expect great hatred and unflattering statements addressed to them. It turned out that the Americans are quite skeptical about this situation. They do not welcome foreign nations, and are not going to share territory with them. But the settlers will not be able to return home. Therefore, you have to come to terms with the fact that neighbors and other personalities will secretly hate and quarrel. The guys are trying to tell all this on a video camera, and convey their first feelings, having moved to a new house.

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