Man with a Plan Season 4
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A man named Adam Burns married a beloved woman many years ago, they had three children. But while he earned money on family expenses and providing for relatives, and was on endless business trips, his wife was very bored. She had to quit the field in order to engage in raising children. But now she intends to restore her position and continue her career growth. Talking about this evening to her husband, she put him in an awkward position. Not wanting to listen to the refusals, she continued to collect the necessary things in order to go to the office the next day, where they were waiting for her.

Man with a Plan Season 4 Torrent Download Luckily, a man also has trouble at work, and he can track the children. The eldest daughter is a teenager, and the only thing she needs is a tablet. The middle son loves computer games, and the youngest watches cartoons. Heading to the kindergarten to take the young princess, Adam accidentally falls on the Parents' Committee, and there he is recorded as a participant. Now he is obliged to attend events where there are women. Soon he meets a man there. He said that he does household work while his wife makes money, and now Burns is a close friend and ally in household chores.

Man with a Plan Season 4 Torrent HD In the center of the plot of the series, the main character, whose name is Adam. He constantly works, and in pursuit of money does not notice the main thing. Namely, the fact that his wife is constantly tired of monitoring children and the household. But the main character cares only about his career and meeting with friends. And then one day, when a wife ceases to like her life, they abruptly change places. Otherwise, there may simply be a divorce and other consequences.

Adam decides to become a father and goes home to sit with the children. Now the wife can relax, have fun and take care of herself. And at this time, the main character is forced to constantly pay attention to his children, and this does not seem to be a simple task. After all, before that, a man thought that feeding and walking with them would not be so simple. What will happen to him next in this fascinating series?

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