Miracle Workers Season 1
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God's heavenly office is a huge office with many departments and employees who work every day in time pressure and multitasking. According to the plot of “Miracle Workers”, this office even has its own HR, which is the technical department for processing prayers.

Episodes: 1-7 of 7 full added 7 episodes

Release Year: 2019
Country: USA
Genre: Comedy
Duration: ~ 00:20:00

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Miracle Workers Season 1 Torrent In the epicenter of the plot are two angels named Eliza and Craig, who decided to save the Earth from destruction. The thing is that a depressed God decided to destroy her. Now our heroes must unite two absolutely lonely hearts and prove to the Lord that humanity is not so hopeless and has a right to exist.

The Almighty Creator watches as humanity, breaking laws, falls into a whirlwind of emotions and suffering, he is a competent leader and is ready to put an end to development, but a couple of angels decide to intercede for the fools of the human race. They ask God to delay the end and give people the opportunity to improve in order to avoid falling into the bottomless cauldron of hell. Heavenly intercessors are going to warn the hypocrites of imminent death and help a non-standard couple fall in love with each other. Advocates of the good go to the experiment, believing that young people will certainly be happy and help others to get a piece of warmth.

Miracle Workers Season 1 Torrent Unfortunately, earthlings continue to rejoice with lust, play with suffering and completely ignore the fact that there is round-the-clock close monitoring from above. The space of the underworld continues to grow, the number of inhabitants is growing inexorably, how to stop the endless stream, it is probably worthwhile to show by the examples of the lucky ones that there is a different life and other goals. The protesters, having descended to the ground, are eager to penetrate the souls of the participants in order to awaken a asleep conscience, but it is difficult to destroy the networks of the insidious spider of sin, the youth got used to vices and debauchery, they stopped feeling the hearts of others.

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