Miracle Workers Season 2
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Over a long period, incredible dizzying mysterious events occur on the entire surface of the globe that do not lend themselves to the correct reasonable explanation. The Almighty Lord observes the many diverse actions of the representatives of the human race, and realizes that it is necessary to come up with a brilliant plan, as a result of which constant merciless torment will finally end. The series Miracle Workers Season 2 torrent online for free.

Episodes: 1-10 of 10 full added 10 episodes

Release Year: 2020
Country: USA
Genre: Comedy
Duration: ~ 00: 20: 00

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Subtitles: Russian, English

It was decided to form a special heavenly department that will closely examine the case of each innocent victim who finds himself in a very difficult situation. Eliza Hunter is a pretty, pretty girl who has long been considered a professional angel. Unfortunately, the poor man always has to work with unpleasant negative dirt, which is stored in the souls of the most sinister serial insidious attackers. Now the frightened lady plans to demand from her immediate superiors an urgent transfer to a new positive service. God wanted to send the frightened girl to the Prayer department, where an attractive Mrs. met a “positivist” named Craig.

Welcome to the uncharted territory of a heavenly paradise, where for a long time there is a huge separate office in which responsible employees work with incredible dizzying perseverance. It becomes clear that for all the many activities of angels God is closely watching. The head of the international corporation is very dissatisfied, since recently bloody fierce wars and global conflicts that can lead to negative unpredictable consequences have become more frequent on the surface of the blue globe.

Miracle Workers Season 2 Torrent Mirror Soon, a powerful influential being realizes that it is necessary to completely eliminate the planets in order to reconstruct the universe again in the shortest possible time. Meanwhile, the general atmospheric attention unexpectedly switches to the new tandem of Eliza and Craig, who work in the department for processing mysterious prayers from innocent victims. The protagonists clearly do not want the successful fate of civilization to end on such a negative note. Frightened angels are trying to persuade the leadership to give the last forced chance to people, since naive fools believe that love must win.

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