On Becoming a God in Central Florida Season 1
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On Becoming a God in Central Florida Season 1 Torrent Download The main character is struggling with creditors. Working as a simple ice cream saleswoman, she barely copes with the financial troubles she poses. Christian was able to collect a pretty penny for the necessary amount to go to another place forever. Suddenly he meets an unknown man who talks about a win-win option of instant enrichment. This intrigued the girl, she began to consider such a way as another opportunity to earn overtime.

Episodes: 1-10 of 10 full added 10 episodes

Release Year: 2019
Country: USA
Genre: Comedy
Duration: ~ 00:44:00

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On Becoming a God in Central Florida Season 1 Torrent HD Having got acquainted closer, the guy talks about a special network investment, when all investors from the movement of the entire flow are able to receive a small percentage of profit. That is, he tells the main character that he will not have to work. Instead, they will make money. Jill believed the unknown, and agrees to make his own investments. Many terms in his story convinced that this is the perfect way to normal enrichment. Which in the future will gain development and popularity. It's a shame that the young lady did not demand guarantees from him, because at the end of the 20th century scammers and deceitful strategies for pumping money out of gullible citizens began to develop.

Having lost faith and hope in something good, a girl named Crystal was forced to meet another disappointment in life. She was married and felt like an absolutely happy woman. But in an unexpected manner, law enforcement authorities reported that her husband was killed. From this moment, the heroine does not believe in fate and higher powers. She is sure that it is human nature to suffer and humiliate throughout life, and later he goes to the abyss. The heroine can’t put up with the loss of her husband, everything reminds me of a happy marriage. A person goes to a place where no one knows her; she needs to start existing from scratch.

There she meets a pretty guy, he immediately enters into trust, because he knew how to correctly set his own position and like the people around him. Crystal did not expect that in the end the character could deceive her. He offers her to do business, while many began to reveal other talents of entrepreneurial activity and create business. The man insanely well explained all the necessary details of his luxurious financially businessman. Basically, his business is called a pyramid, and you need to invest money and pull out a larger jackpot in a few years. Trusting the words, the girl gave all the necessary funds, and was left with nothing. After a while, the person dissolved in the air along with the money of the young lady.

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