Shrill Season 1
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A difficult life lay ahead for a young girl named Annie. From early childhood, she stopped monitoring her appearance, and gained a lot of weight. Similarly, she turned into a complete girl, laughing at her and scoffing at her. The heroine works in a well-known magazine, but, unfortunately, the people around her are not going to take her seriously. The young lady repeatedly asked the editor about the opportunity to write an article, and he only taunted her and sent him home. Later, she was tired of everything, and, learning about a party for the fat, she goes to this place and begins to believe in herself.

Episodes: 1-6 of 6 full added 6 episodes

Release Year: 2019
Country: USA
Genre: Comedy
Duration: ~ 00:29:00

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Shrill Season 1 Torrent HD Previously, she was quiet and peaceful, and was shy of everything that happens in her life. She met with a guy occasionally, he forced her to leave the house through the back door, so as not to disgrace herself in front of her friends. Having been to a party full of fat people, she first felt like a person and decided to fix it. She wrote an article and sent it to a page on the Internet, where several thousand people saw her. Many perceived the young lady as appropriate, and supported her for such lines. Now she has success, she is not going to sit out in the shadows, being behind the backs of many enemies.

Annie works as an assistant editor in Portland. An ambitious young journalist dreams of a dizzying career and tries to please her picky boss. She spends her free time on constantly sick parents and in general she is very cheerful and kind. Shrill Season 1 Torrent Download However, despite all her positive qualities, Annie receives a huge amount of negativity from the world, and all because she is complete. A girl who dreams of finding her love and living a normal life is tired of constant reproaches from her boss, colleagues, her own mother - and one day she decides that she no longer wants to be a good girl for everyone.

After an ignorant editor rejects her idea of ​​writing about a full girls party, Annie starts a blog where she starts talking about her life. And it quickly becomes popular, makes new friends and begins to live life to the fullest. It turns out that in order to be accepted, it is absolutely not necessary to comply with generally accepted standards of beauty. And in order to be understood, you do not need to first lose kilograms ... fifty. You can change your life - and for this it is not necessary to change your body, Annie proved it.

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