Shrill Season 2
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The plot of the picture introduces the viewer to a sweet and friendly girl living in a quiet American town. It seems that she is a completely happy person with great aspirations and dreams. She has only one problem, which is overweight. Often, because of this "defect," she has to deal with ridicule and outright bullying by various villains. They do not want to understand the feelings of the main character, who just wants to live the way she wants. She perfectly understands that nobody likes the "chubby" young ladies. Shrill Season 2 Torrent Download Guys need only slender beauties. They do not care about the inner world of their beloved.

Episodes: 1-8 of 8 full added 8 episode.

Release Year: 2020
Country: USA
Genre: Comedy
Duration: ~ 00: 25: 00

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Subtitles: English

Over the years, Annie tried to put up with her flaw, trying to look like a docile and non-conflict quiet. But one day she gets bored. Will fate not allow her to find true happiness? Realizing that the situation requires urgent intervention, the girl decides to start her own blog in a well-known social network. Here she begins to frankly talk about her difficult days, gradually gaining a multi-million army of loyal fans. An amazing story is coming, filled with discoveries, new acquaintances and love.

Sweet girl Annie has been depressed lately. The heroine is tired of enduring ridicule about her fullness. Even best friends often joke about a fun fatty. Shrill Season 2 Torrent HD They tell her that she is still young, you can’t run yourself like that. At work, too, does not go well. A young woman works as an editor. The boss does not take the chubby employee seriously. And she was tired of redoing mediocre articles. In every possible way, the central person tried to convince the boss that she herself was able to write brilliant articles, but he did not want to listen to anything.

Personal life is no better. The guy does not want to introduce Annie to his parents, he also avoids meeting friends. The girl thinks that he is embarrassed to bring such a complete girlfriend into the house. The young lady takes herself in hand. Go on a diet, regularly visits the gym, but extra pounds do not go to leave it. The merry lady has turned into an evil person. The only friend constantly supported the person. Having dropped her hands, the main character was completely upset, she stopped going out, but one news turned everything upside down. The editor is pregnant, such an event was not part of her plans. How to cope with a desperate person with the circumstances?

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